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Title: Incorrigible
Pairing: JB/girl!Mark
Rating: NC17
WC: 3324
Warnings/Kinks: oral fixation, exhibitionism, oral sex, teasing
Summary: Jaebum ran out of condoms, so he and Maura drop by the 24/7 convenience store across the street.
A/N: This is porn with little plot; actually it’s ½ teasing, ¼ foreplay and ¼ rather rushed sex...forgive meh.
It has been a while since I wrote mature content: it’s about time XD Nevermind that i’m supposed to write the smut half of a fic i already posted the first part of and i still haven’t gotten around to do it (^^;;), but this idea didn’t want to leave me alone.
I started writing GOT7 fanfics only recently and I’m already genderbending someone (Mark >> Maura)...oh well. “Mark” might be a bit OOC, but this is the female version and an AU,so...
Using Jaebum again as one half of the pairing because he’s a lucky SOB; mentioning Mark’s tattoo and alleged piercing let a girl dream because why the eff not; hinting at Yugyeom as the accidental voyeur because of reasons (what reasons? Idk either).

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The weight of culture

Title: The weight of culture
Pairing: JB/Youngjae
Rating: PG
WC: 1028
Summary: [college!AU] Who said the job of a librarian is risk-free?

AO3 || AFF

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Title: You must be Dumb Dumb not to see that Me Gustas Tu
Pairing: JB/Youngjae
Rating: PG
WC: 2500
Summary: [college!AU] Jaebum just came back from a private talk with his professor, so his mood isn’t the best, when the first thing he sees upon opening the door to his room is that pest of Bambam with his hands beneath Youngjae’s skirt.

AO3 || AFF

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Mistletoe & ReinBeers

Title: Mistletoe & ReinBeers
Pairing: JB/Youngjae
Rating: PG
WC: 1088
Summary: [college!AU] It’s winter break: what better way to celebrate Christmas and New Year than renting a cabin with a good chunk of the campus population Jackson is friends with?
A/N: no reindeers have been harmed in the writing of this fic, I just needed a lame half-pun for the title.

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"Rewind" masterpost

I still don't know how much more am I going to write for this AU, so I may be going way ahead of myself, but I made this masterpost to dump all the drabbles and give them a sort of chronological order. As I stated in the second drabble I wrote, they're pretty much standalones (ETA: I might write some sequels of sort/multiparts that will be linked accordingly, though) so it doesn't really matter which ones you read first, but in case you want to follow their story from their first meeting all through the college year I'll try to list them by the seasons hinted at or blatantly mentioned in each drabble/oneshot.
(I know those middle-seasons are dumb, but since the timeline is so vague I couldn't/didn't want to specify what month(s) do the events take place in and i'm not familiar with neither american nor korean school systems, so please bear with me ^^;;;)

Will edit as I go, so there might be huge time holes for quite a while (;¬_¬)

Mistletoe & ReinBeers

(2) Hairclip
(6) You must be Dumb Dumb not to see that Me Gustas Tu

(1) Laundry

° the numbers in brackets are the order in which I wrote them °

I may or may not have just spoiled the fact that it takes JB a whole year to grow some balls... >___>

Top or bottom?

Title: Top or bottom?
Pairing: JB/Youngjae
Rating: PG
WC: 1143
Summary: [college!AU] Jaebum hates incompetence. This time, he actually doesn’t mind it (much).
Alternatively, how they became roommates.

AO3 || AFF

Top or bottom?Collapse )

Liquor store

Title: Liquor store
Pairing: JB/Youngjae
Rating: PG
WC: 657
Summary: [college!AU] BYOB should've been mandatory, so Jaebum and Youngjae wouldn't have to do the work for their drunkass friends.
A/N: I almost managed to post around 1:31AM this time but i'm late, dang it x.x Seriously,though,can my titles be any lamer??

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Title: Hairclip
Pairing: JB/Youngjae
Rating: PG
WC: 773
Summary: [college!AU] The struggles of sharing a dorm room with someone unaware of his cuteness and its effects on the poor roommate.
(I know, the summary is the same as the previous one. The title gives away the plot,tbh)
A/N: 3AM must be 2jae hour for me (nope, not 1:31AM), but it's all this gifset's fault. No reassurances I'll write something for this AU so soon again. Btw, these drabbles aren't in chronological order, they're pretty much standalones.

AO3 || AFF

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Title: Salvation
Characters: Jimin & Suga
Rating: PG13
WC: 1657
Summary: “Where the hell have you been,” Yoongi states rather than ask, not only because Jimin has disappeared for days, but because the deep purple bags under his eyes, that contrast with his even paler skin, and the slightly manic look in his eyes are concerning.
A/N: nth attempt at reawakening the muse by revamping another one of my bandom fics. Based on this creepypasta, this time I gave it a--vague--Korean setting, without naming any place in particular unlike the original ‘pasta.

AO3 || AFF

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